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Nurturing Love

10 Ways To Show You Care...


We’ve seen that the little things in life are what bind lovers together. So where do you start?

Here’s a simple list of things to show you care:

  1. Be waiting at the door when your love gets home and give them a kiss that will make them never want to leave.
  2. Pack a little love note in their lunch pail.
  3. Call, for no reason than to say, ‘I love you and miss you’.
  4. Be spontaneous; have a little picnic in the car, especially on rainy days.
  5. Play games.
  6. Drop a card in the mail telling them why you fell in love.
  7. Have a candle light dinner, even if it’s over macaroni and cheese.
  8. Make your lover’s favorite meal.
  9. Take a walk and hold hands.
  10. Set the alarm five minutes early so you can start your day with loving pillow talk.

Love is the greatest blessing of all. Never let the sun go down without saying ‘I love you.’

True Love Lasts Forever

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