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Julia has been waiting for life to begin, Grant is trying his best to help his introverted daughter adjust to life without her mother. At a parent-teacher conference, the pair meet and are immediately at odds over Grant’s daughter’s progress. Julia has dealt with pushy parents before, but why does she feel breathless after meeting Grant?

Julia knows this is where God meant for her to be – to share her passion for books with her students. Julia waits for God to speak to her. Will He ever answer the unspoken prayers she carries deep within her heart?

Grant moved his daughter, Gloria, from Atlanta to South Mountain to give her a good, small-town upbringing – far from the big city and memories of their broken home. With the advances in technology, he can work from home and devote his time to Gloria and her upbringing. Thankfully, he was able to prevent his cheating ex-wife from taking Gloria with her to South America. When he meets Julia, he sees something in this woman that reminds him of a memory from the past. Could it be they’ve met before?

Just when their friendship begins to turn into more, an urgent work emergency requires Grant to concentrate his entire focus on the business. Julia quickly agrees to watch Gloria for the summer, but as time goes on, Grant realizes he is losing Julia. She won’t have a man who is married to his job.

Life comes down to a decision as to what is most important – a job or the women he loves. Can Grant find a solution before he loses everything?

Backroads is the fascinating second novella in the South Mountain Stories of Devotion series. If you like bold characters who seek God’s guidance, small town settings, and joint journeys of hope and healing, then you’ll adore Chas Williamson’s sentimental Christian romance novella.

Buy Backroads to find how God uses every step of our path for His purpose.


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