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Road to Paradise

She’s young, pure and sure of her future. He’s sorting through his broken dreams. Will their differences keep them from falling in love?

Beth Rutledge’s life has just begun. She turned down an excellent career opportunity in Florida to take a job managing the new Paradise Bed & Breakfast in Lancaster. And while the position is somewhat boring, there are some nice perks… like being able to visit her family quite often and meeting some very interesting characters. One boarder in particular piques her interest, with his handsome face, well-toned body and polite manners.

Anderson Warren is a geologist in town for an extended stay. He’s adjusting to the new normal and desires peace and solitude, away from the world. But there’s a problem with his plans. He can’t keep the innkeeper or her allure from monopolizing his every thought. Her beauty, honesty and graceful charm touch him in a way no woman ever has.

On their first date, Beth makes her intentions very clear. She wants a once-in-a-lifetime romance, and nothing less. Anderson quickly realizes he wants the same thing, with Beth by his side.

But just when paradise seems within their reach, a whirling dervish from Anderson’s past appears, rips apart the fabric of their relationship and reveals the secret Anderson has kept from Beth.

Now that Beth knows the truth, has Anderson lost her for good? Still, the road to paradise beckons. Is it possible to rekindle their love?

Road to Paradise is the tantalizing second novella in the compelling Sweetheart Romances of Paradise series. If you like boldly-realized characters, fascinating settings, and sensational sagas, then you’ll adore Chas Williamson’s uplifting tale.

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