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Just when you think love will never find you, love finds you in paradise. Whether you believe in long lost loves or new found love, the author takes you on a journey where you start rooting for the couples to see what you see
and find what is echoing in paradise.


Despite a twelve-year difference in age, Hannah Rutledge and 20-year old Sam Espenshade develop a deep friendship. But when tragedy drives a wedge between them, will that friendship wither, or turn into something more?

Daisy Good tells her friend Jake Elliott, “I met Mr. Right when I was younger, but the timing wasn’t perfect.” Jake has no clue Daisy is talking about him, but he desperately wants to be her Mr. Right. Jake convinces Daisy to pretend he is Mr. Right so when the time is perfect, Daisy will know what to do. What could be wrong with that?

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