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Just when you think love will never find you, love finds you in paradise. Whether you believe in long lost loves or new found love, the author takes you on a journey where you start rooting for the couples to see what you see
and find what is echoing in paradise.


Love doesn’t come easy when the world has been cruel. But after fate brings two pairs of souls together, will it end in happily ever after?

Hannah Rutledge is colored by trauma. Discovered in a cornfield two weeks after being abducted in her youth, she’s now on the run from the man she believes was responsible. But when she’s hired on as a farmworker, she’s drawn to a coworker with similar ghosts from the past… even though he’s twelve years her junior.

Daisy Good has a bad case of heartache. Crushed when the man of her dreams married another, the medical practice manager has always held a candle for him. So when he reappears, divorced and broken, she gladly accepts his offer to act as a stand-in for Mr. Right, hoping she can demonstrate her heart still belongs only to him.

Though Hannah is stunned by the young man’s helpfulness when she’s incapacitated by a charging bull, she fears their age gap is too much for their affection to overcome. And Daisy knows the more she feeds into her dangerous façade, the worse the fallout when all is revealed…

Can four lonely hearts discover peace through passion?

Echoes in Paradise is the lovely second book in the Sweetheart Romances of Paradise small-town romance series. If you like genuine characters, wistful near-misses, and heart-swelling surprises, then you’ll adore Chas Williamson’s double duo of devotion.

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