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This story kept me hanging on until the very last page. I’ve never read any book more than one time, until now.


Newsflash:: South-Central Pennsylvania is getting two new newscasters. Close friends and television personalities, Riley Espenshade and Didi Phillips move east to build their careers. But neither envision how life would unfold.
Riley falls for a tall, rugged Canadian, Mickey Campeau. Mickey is pro-hockey’s shining star, a man who knows what he wants. And that happens to be Riley Espenshade. The two fall deeply in love, but then Mickey falls in love with another girl. Molly is two, an orphan who has cancer. And just when Riley lands her dream job, Mickey springs it on her. He wants to marry Riley and adopt the girl.
Riley faces a decisions that requires deep soul searching, faith and fortitude. Read her stories and find the meaning of Courage in Paradise.

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