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Enticing, enjoyable read for romance novel fans! The memorable characters come to life in this adventurous romance. With elements of hope, suspense and surprise, I found this easy to read, engaging story difficult to put down! The writing style and purity make this read enjoyable and suitable for all. Chas Williamson will leave you wanting for more. I'm eager and excited to read the next book in the Seeking Series!


Kaitlin has achieved every goal she set, except finding someone to share her life. Every man she’s loved has used her. But this time, could she find love?

Kaitlin Jenkins is unexpectedly sent on a six-month project, far out of her comfort zone and further yet from her family support network. As if that isn’t bad enough, her partner is a headstrong former Army Ranger. How can such an abrasive man create such deep feelings in her heart?

Jeremy is making his first foray into the civilian world. Prepared to devote half a year on the road to fulfill his mission, he certainly wasn’t ready for Kaitlin to accompany him. For the first time since his divorce eight years ago, a woman is stirring emotions within him that he can’t seem to control.

Despite a mutual attraction, their relationship is like oil and water. Life on the road is a miserable existence for both of them. But everything seems to change on the worst night of Kaitlin’s life.

Can they overcome their differences or is it time to hang it up?

Seeking Forever is the exciting first book in the Seeking Series, the saga of the Jenkins Family over three generations, a Women’s Christian Fiction novel. If you like characters with depth, evocative settings, and joint emotional journeys of love and hope, then you’ll adore Chas Williamson’s thrilling novel.

Read Seeking Forever to enjoy happily ever after today!

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