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I kept wanting to know what happened next. This book kept my interest. I wish I would have read the other series first.


After their wedding, Henry and Ellie Campbell move to Paradise to live next to their best friends, Ben and Sophia Miller. Henry moves his family from Scotland to join them.
But one unwelcome thing tags along to the new land. The sibling rivalry between brothers Edmund and Harry grows. It seems the only two things they have in common are their dislike for one another and their choice of women. Edmund is gregarious, outgoing and touchy with women. Harry is quiet, yet a deep thinker who is hiding a secret only Margaret knows about. The void between them widens when they fall in love with the same girl, not just once, but twice.
To complicate things, Ben and Sophie ask Henry and Ellie for a favor, one that might just split the entire family apart. Come listen to the Whispers in Paradise.

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