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I kept wanting to know what happened next. This book kept my interest. I wish I would have read the other series first.


His sibling stole his last lady. Her health battles almost claimed her life. Will jealous rivals and unfortunate mix-ups ruin their chance at forever?

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Scottish-born Harry Campbell is happy in his new home. Though reluctant to deal with his girlfriend-stealing younger brother, the middle son willingly steps up as head of the household while the eldest is away. So, he’s quick to jump into action and rescue a fainted woman on a country road… and is stunned by the depth of their chemistry.

Ashley Snyder has never stopped fighting. But after successfully defeating cancer twice, the nineteen-year-old mourns losing the ability to have children. Resolving to keep going no matter what the world throws at her, her first walk post-remission finds her waking up in a total hunk’s arms.

Finally sure he’s met the girl of his dreams, Harry rejects Ashley’s infertility-triggered breakup by producing a ring and popping the question. But when bad luck catches Ashley in a stupidly ill-timed kiss with Harry’s brother, she fears she’s lost her last shot at love.

Will their sparks fizzle in the face of family drama, or will true devotion prevail?

Whispers in Paradise is the captivating first book in the Christian Journeys in Paradise series. If you like bold characters, heartstring-tugging scenes, and triumphing in the face of adversity, then you’ll adore Chas Williamson’s sentimental tale.

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