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Chas Williamson has become one of my favorite authors. I have not been a fan of romance novels in the past, but his writing connects to all the crazy emotions of love and he tells a beautiful story. Looking forward to reading the rest of his books


One Bright September day long ago, Stanley Jenkins told his best friend, “See that girl? I’m going to marry her some day.” Stan and Nora Thomas became best friends-soulmates-and fell in love. But when she told him she was already engaged, he walked out of her life so she could find happiness. The loss was devastating. Years later, when a waitress asks, “Stan, is that really you?” he looks into the beautiful eyes of Nora, the girl he still loves. She has been widowed by her first husband, however Stan sadly notices the engagement ring on her hand. Once again, they become best friends and soulmates…but as her wedding day approaches, is the cycle doomed to repeat?

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