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Treasure in Paradise

She refuses to be hurt again. He felt his whole world shatter. When chance offers a fresh beginning, will they step into a future together?

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Jasmine Blue has been burned by secrets. Crushed after discovering her former fiancé’s lies and manipulations, the famous romance novelist writes about passion that only exists in her imagination. Until her undercover research in a quaint town unravels a handsome stranger’s hidden artistic talent.

Josh Miller wants to return to normal. Still reeling from the sudden death of his wife, the struggling father of three pushes aside his beautiful stonecraft skills in favor of reliable but mundane yard work. But when he takes on a gardenscape project to test the waters, he’s stunned when a woman barges into his life… with a face the spitting image of his beloved.

Fired up by a spike of creative inspiration, Jasmine discovers the new book she’s writing is a hopeful version of their story… if only she could reveal her true identity. And now Josh finds himself torn between his burgeoning feelings and making sure his children can heal in peace.

Will the truth topple their affections or finally free them for love’s embrace?

Treasure in Paradise is the captivating seventh book in the Sweetheart Romances of Paradise small-town romance series. If you like characters with depth, evocative settings, and joint journeys of healing, then you’ll adore Chas Williamson’s sentimental novel.

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