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I loved the book cover of Christmas in Paradise! It provided a hint that something significant would occur in the lives of the characters during this wonderful holiday. This inspired me to keep reading so I finished the book in one day!

Christmas in Paradise is part of a series that introduces new characters and revisits with characters in Chas Williamson’s previous books. A helpful reference on the Families of Paradise is provided to remind the reader of how characters are interrelated. There are no strangers in the Paradise Series, - only friends you have not met yet. This book's plot involves drama, twists and suspense while highlighting the importance of commitment to family and relationships


When you are in love, Christmas happens every day of the year!

Rachel Domitar has found the man of her dreams. The church is filled with friends and family, her hair and dress are perfect, and the honeymoon beckons, but one knock at the door is about to change everything.

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