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West of Paradise

She’s sure any chance for romance long ago passed her by. He’s finally ready to start his life. But when sparks fly during a chance encounter one clear Seattle night, is it simply a coincidence… or the hand of God?

Teresa Faughtinger is a highly acclaimed and successful writer of horror stories—the master of her world. Except when it comes to men. Three failed marriages have convinced her to swear off men—forever. After all, men are only interested in her bank account, not Teresa’s heart. But when a red-bearded sea captain catches her eye, why is she drawn to him?

AJ Showers has sailed the seven seas, ignoring wine and women with the purpose of amassing the fortune he’ll need to fulfill his dream—to buy back the family orchard his drunken father sold for a song. In a courtyard of a West Coast hotel, AJ runs into the author of the book he’s just read. It’s not her words that capture his interest, instead it’s the lady’s irresistible wit, beauty and intrigue.

As the days go by, Teresa finds herself drawn to this man whose only desire appears to be making her life a fairy tale. Could it be she’s finally found true love?

AJ invites Teresa to visit him in the heritage he’s reclaimed. Life is idyllic until she finds the young lady who lives next door to AJ shares a deep, dark secret with the sea captain.

With the truth revealed in the naked light of day, will the discovery burst the bubble of hope building in Teresa’s heart? Fate awaits them in the grove west of Paradise. Will the story they write together end up happily-ever-after?

West of Paradise is the intriguing third novella in the compelling Sweetheart Romances of Paradise series. If you like boldly realized characters, unexpected plot twists, and sensational sagas, then you’ll adore Chas Williamson’s tale of devotion and commitment.

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