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Loved the book-best one of the series!! When I cry reading a book, I know it's a good one. Love the tie ins to previous adventures in Paradise. And Chas can really pull out all the emotions of his characters. Chas Williamson has truly become a writer that will last and last!! Just like true love. Looking forward to the next adventure.


They keep meeting but it’s never the right time.  When the clock strikes true love, will their connection finally bloom?  

Margaret Campbell will fight hard for her dream.  With building a winery from the ground up and navigating family drama, she’s already got enough on her plate.  But when she runs into a handsome man from her past, a big part of her longs to unlock room in her heart.

Joe Rohrer is haunted by his mistakes.  So when he swept up by a whirlwind of a woman who shows up in his backyard, he resolves to make amends.  But after Margaret pushes him away to focus on her upcoming launch, all he can do is hope his patience will eventually win her affections.

Finding a deep confidant in the gorgeous and gentle guy but consumed with the high-stakes  opening day, Margaret fears time is running out for romance.  And when Joe’s exes arrive, stirring up trouble, he’s terrified their tentative future will be put on hold forever.

Can these two best friends uncork their happily ever after?

Homecoming in Paradise is the alluring sixth book in the sweet romance Paradise Series.  If you like slow-burn courtships, dramatic reveals and soulmate bonds, then you’ll adore this beautiful tale.

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