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About The Author

Chas Williamson resides in central Pennsylvania with his beautiful wife. He is a husband, father, grandfather, amateur historian, and avid story teller. In 2013, his wife asked him to write a short love story. That story grew into what would later become his first novel, Seeking Forever, then the rest of the Seeking Series. Chas enjoys writing Series so that readers can enjoy the personalities of his characters. He hopes you will too!

Dreams Do Come True

The dream to write has existed in me for as long as I can remember. I started to write my first book when I was eight. Son of a Sailor was a story about my father, a merchant mariner. I finished two paragraphs before I gave up.

When I was twelve, my parents took a two week vacation out west, and left me alone to run the farm. I found my mother’s ancient Underwood typewriter and a sheaf of typing paper. Over the next two weeks I created a book of short horror stories – one about monsters who terrorized me in the fog. Another was about man-eating vines that consumed me. The scariest one was about me falling off a high roof and being paralyzed. Face to the sky, I drowned in a thunder shower. My parents were angry I had used the paper and I destroyed my work.

In 1999, I started a novel about industrial terrorism. The HazMateers reached 85,000 words. I was ready to find an agent. Then on 9/11, I realized I didn’t want to write about terrorism, so that book went back on the shelf.

The writer inside me started to die. Okay, I did a little creative writing, but didn’t take it seriously. Until my world came apart. In 2013, the company I’d worked for over 32 years announced they were closing. In my mind, I wasn’t just losing my job, I was losing my friends, my profession, my world. I stumbled into a downward spiral called depression.

Enter my wife, my soulmate, my best friend. She understood what I was going through. And she knew the key to climbing out of the trench was inside me. We’ve always had a very sweet and romantic life. We used to binge watch Lifetime and Hallmark channels. And my best friend knew what I needed to do. “Write me a love story,” she begged.

“I don’t know what to write,” I countered.

She smiled and said. “It will come to you…”

And it did. I was on a flight to Kentucky and I fell asleep. I had the wildest dream and when I got to the hotel that night, I wrote it down. I kept writing all night long and by morning, I had thirty pages written. What was in the dream? The dream was the opening chapter of what would become Seeking Forever.

Almost four years later, God put the pieces together and in October 2017, our first book was published. The lesson I have learned through all this is that when God puts a dream in your heart, He will make it come true, in His time.

Who would have thought when I first saw the woman who is now my wife, I was looking at an angel, one who helped me discover, Dreams Do Come True.

And because of her, I also discovered, True Love Lasts Forever! 

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