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Emily’s life didn’t work out as planned. Tyler never came home to the girl he loved. It’s been years since they said farewell one starry summer night. Will a promise that was made on a long-ago evening ever be fulfilled?

At seventeen, Emily’s future was unlimited. Her plans included becoming a doctor, traveling the world and sharing it with the one man she ever really loved. But a cruel series of events crushed her future. Emily settled for a life well below her childhood dreams. Instead of curing disease, traveling abroad and rescuing horses, she was stuck running the family orchard, raising her daughter alone and dealing with an unfaithful ex. What happened to God’s promises to prosper and not to harm her, plans to give Emily a hope and a future? Is this really how God intended her life to be?

Tyler returns to his hometown to raise his adopted daughter. Life had dealt him a series of severe setbacks, including the loss of his sweet wife and a quicker than planned departure from the US Navy. But the worst blow occurred years before, when he was forced to make a promise concerning Emily.  By now, he suspects she would have left South Mountain long ago to find her happiness. But when he meets his daughter’s softball coach, he realizes the woman of his dreams is not only still here, she is standing before him!

Just as the relationship he’d always prayed for begins to gel, Emily’s family throws a wrench in the mix. His girl feels as if she’s been stabbed in the back by the loved ones she’s sacrificed her future for. In desperation, Emily takes off, alone, to commune with God and find out where He is leading her. But to Tyler’s utter dismay, Emily leaves him behind.

As Emily waits for God’s guidance, Tyler can only pray she will remember him. Will the peace she seeks include Tyler?

Promises is the captivating second book in the South Mountain Journey of Faith series. If you like bold characters who seek God’s guidance, small town settings, and joint journeys of healing, then you’ll adore Chas Williamson’s sentimental Christian romance novel.

Buy Promises to find how God uses everything that happens in life for His purpose.


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