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About the Author, Chas Williamson


Chas Williamson, Local Sweetheart Adventure Romance Author


Chas Williamson is a life-long Pennsylvanian.  Over his life, he has been many things: husband, father, grandfather, amateur historian, as well as being a story teller.  The desire to write started at a very early age.  For years, storytelling was only verbal.  But in 2013, a work crisis was looming as his employer of 30 plus years decided to close.  His wife encouraged him to use writing as an outlet to reduce stress, resulting in the first in a series.  When he balked, she asked him to write a short love story.  The short love story grew into what would later be Seeking Forever, the first in a series of sweetheart adventure romance novels.  It continued to blossom into the three other books of the Seeking’ series and then the Paradise Series .    The characters he has created are very real to him, like real life friends and he hopes they become just as real to you!

Books by Chas Williamson


Seeking Forever

Seeking Forever is the first book in the First Series, The Seeking Series.

Kaitlin Jenkins is sent on a six month road trip  with a man she's just met, can't stand, but is wildly attracted to.  Where will this journey take them?

Seeking Happiness

Seeking Happiness finds Kelly, Kaitlin's sister, suddenly alone.  Her husband is no longer in the picture.  Will she ever find happiness again?  

Seeking Eternity

Seeking Eternity takes us back in time to where it all began, the love story of Stan and Nora Jenkins.  It also holds the secret they've kept from their daughters for many years.  What happens when the truth is revealed?

Seeking the Pearl

In Seeking the Pearl,  Ellie Lucia, Kaitlin's niece, finds her heaven in London, until she disappears without a trace.  Not everyone believes she is dead.  Is blood thicker than water, or is it too late?   Will her knight in shining armor come to the rescue?

Whispers in Paradise

Whispers in Paradise is Chas Williamson's first book in his second series, the Paradise Series.  Sophie Miller opens a Tearoom.  Sounds romantic?  Discover what adventures lie ahead.  Come listen to the Whispers.

Echoes in Paradise

Echoes in Paradise is a story of a mismatched couple.  When does friendship become love? When tragedy strikes, will it dissolve a friendship or turn it into something better?  

Paradise Series Continues


Courage in Paradise

Courage in Paradise is the story of two friends who find what they think they wanted, but everything comes with a price.  Will they have the Courage to make their dreams a reality? 

Stay Tuned.  More to come.

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Love and Romance Meets Adventure!


Do you like sweetheart romance novels?   Maybe with a fair amount of drama and adventure?  Do you like engaging, real-life characters whose quirks make them lovable?  And written in a way that pulls you into the story? 

If you answered yes to all of these, then Chas Williamson's novels are the ticket for you. 

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  • We here at Chas Williamson Books are excited that Chas has released his latest book, Courage in Paradise and can't wait for you to read it too.

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