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Selena stands at a crossroad in life.  Her parents are gone, the man she wanted rejected her and she’s been forced out of the job she loved.  

It’s time for a fresh start, but where?  On a sunny bench in Maryland, she runs into the man from her past and his new girl.  But wait-is this a chance encounter, or the beginning of the path to her true destiny?

Find out in Destiny, the first book in the South Mountain Journey of Faith Series.

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Not Your Average Romance Novels

Chas Williamson is a Sweetheart, Adventure, Romance Author.  He has written Romance with Mystery and Suspense since 2017.  Some of his readers have stated that his books are the kind that “You can’t put down”, “An easy to read book”, “Very enjoyable” and he hopes that you enjoy them too!

True Love Lasts Forever

Love is the most rewarding element of our lives.  Everyone craves it, but there is no special formula to finding true love.  Each journey is unique and distinctive…

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SaturdayOctober 5, 2024

8:00 am

Apple Harvest FestivalRt. 234 near Arendtsville, PA

Come see him there and pick up his most recent books! They make great gifts! Saturdays from 8-6PM and Sundays 8-5PM. See you there!

SaturdayDecember 7, 2024

9:00 am

Daniel Boone Middle School1845 Weavertown Rd. Douglassville, PA 19518

Looking for a new Women's Christian Fiction author? Try Chas Williamson's books! Great Christmas gift!

The 'story of love conquers all' will never disappoint. I love the new characters in this book and look forward to more stories in Paradise. Chas Williamson tells the story of love in a way that makes it real and something that everyone should have in their life.