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Annie’s entire world crumbled around her. All Tatum touches turns to catastrophe. A new season of life is about to unfold for each of them. Will they share a future together?

Everything Annie Bennett had worked for is gone at the drop of a hat. The company she helped build forced her out, and the man she loved threw her aside for another woman. Suddenly, New York City is no longer her home. Listlessly drifting in an uncertain world, a close friend offers a chance at a new life in Lancaster. The change brings two men… One is polite, caring and attentive to her needs. The second is mysterious. It seems Annie has met him before – but was it only in her dreams?

Tatum Miller once had it all – a wife, fulfilling career and a bright future. Time withered each of those dreams. After watching them die on the vine, Tatum believes he’s a failure. But his job as a handyman introduces him to a beautiful lady who touches him in a way he hasn’t felt in years. However, there’s a problem. His boss, the suave and debonair Dustin Henson, also has designs on Annie.

Finding herself drawn to both men, Annie looks for a nudge to direct her on the path God has planned. But the one that appears before her contrasts greatly with her desires. One man is the logical choice, but the other has teased her mind long before she met him.

Should she follow her mind or her heart?

Autumn in Paradise is the captivating eighth book in the Sweetheart Romances of Paradise small-town, Christian romance series. If you like characters with depth, evocative settings, and joint journeys of healing, then you’ll adore Chas Williamson’s sentimental novel.

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Chas Williamson is a Sweetheart, Adventure, Romance Author.  He has written Romance with Mystery and Suspense since 2017.  Some of his readers have stated that his books are the kind that “You can’t put down”, “An easy to read book”, “Very enjoyable” and he hopes that you enjoy them too!

True Love Lasts Forever

Love is the most rewarding element of our lives.  Everyone craves it, but there is no special formula to finding true love.  Each journey is unique and distinctive…

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The 'story of love conquers all' will never disappoint. I love the new characters in this book and look forward to more stories in Paradise. Chas Williamson tells the story of love in a way that makes it real and something that everyone should have in their life.