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Hayride in Paradise

Hayride in Paradise:


They live in two separate worlds. Rebecca is Amish and Abraham is English, but the attraction between them is undeniable. Can they overcome their differences to find true love?


Rebecca Stoltzfus is smart, caring and wise beyond her years. But her heart belongs to an English man she can’t have because he loves another woman. Caught between the Amish traditions and the English world she works in, Rebecca struggles to find where she really belongs. Then, to make her decision even harder, she is lovestruck when she meets the twin of the man she loved. Can lightning strike the tree of love twice?


Abe Golden moved east, away from the girl who broke his heart and smeared his name. “Never again,” he swears. But when he catches sight of the sweet, blue-eyed girl wearing a cap and a black dress, his heart screams that he’s just met his future. Despite Rebecca telling him their differences are too great, he vows to find a way to change her mind and win her hand.


Rebecca struggles with the decision as to which world she should choose. Abe’s kind and gentle spirit is slowly dissolving the chains binding her heart. That is, until Abe discovers Rebecca wanted to marry his twin. That is when their budding romance comes to a screeching halt.


Is there anything under the sun or moon that can bring them together again?


Hayride in Paradise is the first installment in the Short Stories of Romance in Paradise Series. If you like tales of destiny, family drama and soulmate bonds, then you’ll adore Chas Williamson’s sweet, romantic short story of forbidden love.

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