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Time In a Bottle

Don't take anything for granted.

As I was searching through the radio channels the other day, I caught part of Jim Croce’s song with the same title as this blog.  I understand the concept, about saving ‘every day ‘til eternity passes away’ just so he could spend it with the woman he loves.  The problem is, many people follow this concept – that is, they save up those days, but never get the chance to spend them.

What do I mean?  When I was younger, I met this man.  He was fifty-four and had worked at his profession for forty years.  He bragged he’d saved up most of the vacation he’d earned over the years and would coast the last year of work by using vacation.  My friend was a hard worker.  He confided he had waited all his life so he and his wife could take their dream vacation, a six month trip to visit all forty eight continental states.  This man bought a classic car and had it restored to showroom condition.  He grew more and more excited as the time to leave grew closer.  Said he was finally ready to start living.

A few days after he should have begun the journey, I noticed the classic convertible was still parked in his driveway about a week after the exodus should have occurred, so I stopped by.  I was shocked to find he had passed away, a sudden heart attack took him at an early age.  I grieved not only at the loss of his life, but because he never had the opportunity to take his dream trip.

Life is funny.  Nothing is sure, nothing is guaranteed.  I was fortunate enough to learn a lesson I didn’t have to pay for.  That event changed life for both my wife and I.  I hope my story makes a difference for you also.

Never miss the opportunity to do the things you should do, like being there when someone needs you.  Don’t leave the words you really want to say remain on your lips.  Overuse ‘I love you’.  Tell the ones you love how you really feel.  Take the chances, reach for your dreams.

When you reach the end of this journey, be sure not to leave any of your time in the bottle.

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