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How To Stay In Love

It's The Little Things...


You’ve seen them. The couples who are obviously in love. They exude love for each other. They glow, they shine and even if they didn’t say it, you can tell they are deeply in love. They have that ‘just fell in love’ look about them.

So what is it?  What secret do they know that everyone else seems to be missing? Did something major happen that caused them to be that way? Did Cupid’s arrow find the mark just on those two?

Developing a fairy tale love relationship isn’t hard to do. It takes commitment, from both parties. For where you put forth your greatest effort is where you reap the greatest reward. And it isn’t about one or two great things, like a special trip or date, it’s about the mundane little things that happen every day.

  • A compliment stating how great your mate looks.
  • Telling them over and over how much they mean.
  • Letting them know if it was a time when the two of you just met, you would choose them again.
  • Don’t be stingy in your praise.
  • Hold your tongue when you’re mad, but not when you’re happy.
  • Shower them with good feelings and see what happens.
  • Build a love for the ages, one little thing at a time and bask in the reward of love returned to you.

True Love Lasts Forever

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