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Building a Firm Foundation

Make Love Your Choice

The scents of an early summer night, warm breezes blowing the stars around, fire flies welcoming the deep darkness of the night.  The touch of your love’s hand as the dew on the grass moistens your toes when you stroll along.  Spring has turned into summer.  Love is in the air and just like the temperature, it will heat up, if you allow it.

For love is always there.  It doesn’t require a set time or mood. It’s in your heart.  And while the setting can help bring out those feelings, don’t waste time waiting for the perfect moment to happen.

Love can be a noun or a verb. Choose to make it an action word. Never miss an opportunity to tell your soulmate how you feel, how much you care, how wonderful they are.  Love works best when shared, so be prodigious in your praise, don’t keep those feelings inside.

There are two ways to look at everything. Suppose your mate has flaws, everyone does. But your love also has plenty of great attributes, if you chose to see them. Concentrate on the good things and overlook the bad. And when you do, wonderful things happen. Your closeness grows and the friendship deepens (after all, loving someone is a great expansion of friendship).

Love is always there, if you seek it.  And when you do, be prepared.  Don’t be surprised to find the rewards are the greatest blessing of life. So choose to love, choose to share and be prepared for the greatest adventure of your life.

True Love Lasts Forever

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