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Building Love From The Beginning

Radishes Anyone?



When people think of romantic moments, the thoughts that often come to mind are special events or activities. And of course, those activities are often expensive ones. Such as giving or getting an engagement ring. Wedding days. Special dinners. Special trips. Yes, those types of memories are priceless, but don’t sell yourself short.


When we got married, things were tough. We didn’t have a TV (we did something old fashioned – we talked and played board games). We ate off of a box for the first three months we were married because we didn’t have a table or chairs. But we had love.


One of the most romantic memories I have of our first year of marriage came on New Year’s Day. My love prepared a picnic. We drove to a park a half hour away. And as we talked about our resolutions and dreamed of our future, we dined. She’d made radish sandwiches (our budget was tight). Might not sound like much, but we often reminisce about that day when we were so young and in love (now we’re just older and deeper in love). 


When I joked with her about that meal, my wife said something that has stuck with me all these years. “Better to eat a radish sandwich with your soulmate than to eat steak and lobster alone.”


Of course, she was right. It’s not what you eat or do, but what really matters is the person you have with you. My advice? Make a million little memories, every day, instead of waiting forever to make a life time memory.

True love lasts forever.


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