Seeking Series-Adventurous Tales of Romance

Seeking Series is Born


Seeking Forever is the first book in the "Seeking" Series.  The book was released on October 14th, 2017.

Seeking Happiness is the second book in the "Seeking" Series.  The book has been released in May 2018.

Seeking Eternity, the third book in the "Seeking" Series was released in August 2018.

Seeking The Pearl, the culmination of the "Seeking" Series, the fourth book in the "Seeking" Series was released in October 2018.  


Seeking Series

Seeking Forever



  Unexpectedly, Kaitlin Jenkins is assigned to embark on a six-month work project.  The trip will take her out of her comfort zone and far away from her family, her support network.  As if that isn’t bad enough, the partner selected to accompany her is a man, a former Army Ranger.  

     Despite an initial attraction to him, she remembers the men from her past. She sets aside her feelings, keeping him at arm’s length.

     Jeremy Roberts is making his first foray into the civilian world.  Prepared to spend half a year on the road to fulfill the mission, he was not prepared when told Kaitlin will accompany him.  For the first time since his divorce eight years ago, he is attracted to a woman, having feelings for her that he can’t control.  But Jeremy only seems to bring out the worst in Kaitlin.

    There is a mutual attraction, but their relationship is like oil and water.  Life on the road is miserable for Kaitlin, being so close to someone she cares for, but apparently can’t stand.  Jeremy also feels the strain, seriously considering a return to Army life in the Rangers.  Then, when Jeremy comes to her aid on the worst night of Kaitlin’s life, everything changes.  Will love be enough to overcome the difficulties between them and the challenge of life on the road as well as their bitter pasts?

Seeking Happiness


All four of the Jenkins girls – Kaitlin, Cassandra, Martina and Kelly – are intelligent, successful and happy.  Well, all were happy.  But Kelly’s marriage has crumbled through no fault of her own.  Suddenly, she must start life over with her four children.  There is a hole in her heart that her husband used to fill.  Will she ever find happiness and love again?

Seeking Eternity


 One Bright September day long ago, Stanley Jenkins told his best friend, "See that girl?  I'm going to marry her some day."  Stan and Nora Thomas became best friends-soulmates-and fell in love.  But when she told him she was already engaged, he walked out of her life so she could find happiness.  The loss was devastating.  Years later, when a waitress asks, "Stan, is that really you?"  he looks into the beautiful eyes of Nora, the girl he still loves.  She has been widowed by her first husband, however Stan sadly notices the engagement ring on her hand.  Once again, they become best friends and soulmates...but as her wedding day approaches, is the cycle doomed to repeat?   


Seeking The Pearl



Ellie, Cassandra’s oldest daughter, has struggled with life since college.  When the bottom of her world drops out, her Aunts Kaitlin and Uncle Jeremy come to her aid, helping her rebuild.  While on assignment in London, she meets and falls in love with a Scotsman, Henry Campbell.  Her world has never been better.  But tragedy strikes as Ellie and a co-worker disappear, leaving a horrid crime scene, but no bodies.  Everyone, including her family and the police, fear she is dead.  But Ellie and Henry's Romance has a special bond.  Henry feels his sweetheart is still alive and searches for his love.  Will he find her before it is too late?