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 Winner of 2019 Apple Harvest Festival Giveaway is Terry from Reeser's Summit, PA.  Congratulations, Terry!  (Pictured is Terry with her husband Joe)

The Seeking Forever Knowledge Quiz

Take a Moment to test your "Seeking Forever" Knowledge.  To get the answers, "drop us a line".  Remember, it's not fair to go back and peek!  

1.  Where do Kaitlin and Jeremy meet?

     a.  Chicago

     b.  Detroit

     c.  New York

     d.  Savannah

2.  Which military unit did Jeremy belong to?

     a.  Navy Seals

     b.  Green Beret

     c.  Marine Force Recon

     d.  Army Rangers

3.  How many sisters does Kaitlin have?

     a.  One

     b.  Two

     c.  Three

     d.  Four

4.  What was the highest rank Jeremy held in the service?

     a.  Sergeant

     b.  Lieutenant

     c.  Captain

     d.  Major

5.  What kind of cookies are Kaitlin's favorites?

     a.  Chocolate Chip

     b.  Coconut Macaroons

     c.  Oreos

     d.  Golden Oreos

6.  Who meets Jeremy at the airport?  (Select all that were there)

     a.  Deb Hartwell

     b.  John Stange

     c.  Martina Davis

     d.  Stan Jenkins

7.  What town do Kaitlin and Jeremy visit to "make memories"?

     a.  New York

     b.  Savannah

     c.  San Antonio

     d.  Chicago

8.  Where does the proposal take place?

     a.  Los Angeles

     b.  Orlando

     c.  Savannah

     d.  Nashville

9.  What does Jeremy suspect Kaitlin has in her luggage?

     a.  Concrete Blocks

     b.  Books

     c.  Stones

     d.  159 pairs of shoes

10.  What did Kaitlin doodle on her tablet?

     a.  Jeremy Allen Roberts

     b.  Kaitlin Elizabeth Jenkins

     c.  Jeremy and Kaitlin

     d.  Kaitlin Elizabeth Roberts

Good Luck and let us know if you liked the game!

Seeking Happiness Quiz


Seeking Happiness Quiz

How well do you know the book?

1.  What did Geeter do before becoming a farmer?

a. Car Salesman

b. Truck Driver

c. Sailor

d. Bartender

2. What branch of service did Geeter serve in?

a. Army 

b. Coast Guard

c. Navy

d. Marines

3. What did Geeter find under the tarp?

a. A body

b. Rock guards for the mower

c. A car

d. Money

4. What is Kelly’s profession?

a. Doctor

b. Nurse

c. Teacher

d. Stay at home mom

5. What secret does Dr. Andrews hide from Kelly?

a. He’s married

b. He’s gay

c. He’s a murderer

d. He’s engaged

6. Who is kidnapped?

a. KJ

b. Kelly

c. Kaitlin

d. Nora

7. What does Kelly keep in her pocket for lonely nights?

a. A photo of Geeter

b. Her cell phone

c. Pepper spray

d. The note Todd sent her

8. Before meeting Kelly, when was the last time Geeter had a second date?

a. Fourth of July

b. The weekend before his parents died

c. Before 9/11

d. Never

9. What does Kelly steal from Jeremy?

a. Money

b. Pregnancy Test

c. Car

d. Cell Phone

10. What mentioned historic landmark is close to Geeter and Sarah’s farm?

a. Lookout Mountain

b. Grand Old Opry

c. Gettysburg Battlefield

d. Chickamauga Battlefield

Why Romance?

The only thing in life that really matters is love.  Love is all around us.  Each of us has a story to tell.  My mission is to tell the stories of the characters who have grown in my heart - Chas Williamson

More Fun Awaits You!


Seeking Eternity Quiz


Seeking Eternity Quiz

How well do you know the book?

1.  What group was Stan assigned to in the army?

a. Infantry

b. Rangers

c. Tanks

d. Airborne

2. What secret does Linda hide from everyone when she works as a lab assistant?

a. She’s engaged

b. She’s rich

c. She’s a mother

d. She’s a fugitive

3. What is the first town Nora and Bob move to after getting married?

a. Birmingham

b. Baltimore

c. Boston

d. Denver

4. Which car is not one Stan owns?

a. Blazer

b. Challenger

c. Corvette

d. Tahoe

5. What town is Stan in on the day his divorce is final? 

a. Chicago

b. Detroit

c. El Paso

d. Warren

6. What does Stan steal?

a. A car

b. A phone

c. Money

d. Flowers

7. What does Stan buy in Oak Lawn?

a. Whiskey

b. House

c. Car

d. Flowers


Seeking The Pearl Quiz


Seeking the Pearl Quiz

How well do you know the book?

1.  What is the name of the hotel Ellie is helping Kaitlin staff?

a. World Wind 

b. Optimum

c. London High

d. Room with a View

2. What branch of service did Henry serve in?

a. Green Beret

b. RAF

c. Royal Navy

d. Royal Marines

3. Where did Ben propose to Sophie?

a. Paradise

b. Longwood Gardens

c. Eiffel Tower

d. Hyde Park

4. What instrument does Ellie play?

a. Flute

b. Trumpet

c. Trombone

d. Piano

5. Which character is an attorney?

a. Ellie

b. Kaitlin

c. Martina

d. Claire

6. Whose grave did Henry and Ellie visit?

a. Shakespeare’s

b. Heidi’s

c. Annie’s

d. Queen Mary’s

7. What breakfast meal did Sophie make when she visited Ben at the Compound?

a. Fettuccini Alfredo 

b. Scrambled Eggs with Sautéed Onions

c. Eggs Florentine

d. Bacon Soufflé

8. Where is Ellie imprisoned?

a. Paris

b. Easter Island

c. Alcatraz

d. Wayward Island

9. Where does Ellie get sent after returning from London?

a. Seattle

b. Chicago

c. Cleveland

d. Orlando

10. Which of Darcy’s children is the oldest?

a. Margaret

b. Edmund

c. Henry

d. Harry