Seeking Series Character List


Who's Who


· Annie Fagerland – (deceased) – first girlfriend of Henry Campbell. Farmer.

· Becky Myers – Geeter’s Girlfriend. Cashier.

· Benjamin (aka, Ben or Benjy) Miller – Eleanor’s first boyfriend, later husband of Sophia Sarduci. Security Analyst.

· Burt Simon – married to Sarah (Smith). Tire installer.

· Bob Crittendale – (deceased) - Nora’s first husband. Salesman.

· Britany Roberts – first wife of Jeremy Roberts. Physician.

· Cassandra Lucia – aka Cassie, Nora’s eldest daughter. Mother of Ellie Lucia. Wife of John Lucia. Controller.

· Clara Thomas – Mother of Nora (Thomas/Crittendale/Jenkins).

· Darcy Campbell – Mother of Henry, Harry, Edmund and Margaret Campbell.

· David (Ballister) Smith – son of Kelly Smith and Kelly Ballister.

· Deb Hartwell – HR Manager for Global Development Consultants.

· Edmund Campbell – youngest son of Darcy Campbell, brother of Henry Campbell. Farmer.

· Eleanor Faye (Lucia) Campbell – (aka, El or Ellie) – eldest daughter of John and Cassandra Lucia. Wife of Henry Campbell. Former Marine Biologist. Operations Manager.

· Gary Davis – Husband of Martina (Crittendale Jenkins). Attorney.

· Gideon (Geeter) Beauregard Smith – Husband of Kelly (Jenkins/Ballister). Former Army Ranger (75th Ranger Regiment), Bartender, Farmer.

· Gwen Lupinski – executive secretary to Stan Jenkins.

· Harry Campbell – second oldest son of Darcy Campbell, brother of Henry Campbell. Farmer.

· Heidi Fries – Henry Campbell’s girlfriend. Computer Programmer.

· Henry Thomas Campbell – eldest son of Darcy Campbell, husband of Eleanor (Lucia). Former Royal Marine assigned to the Special Boat Service, Travel Agent.

· Jeff Ahrens – high school friend of Stan Jenkins.

· Jeremy Allen Roberts – husband of Kaitlin (Jenkins). Former Army Ranger (75th Ranger Regiment), Security Analyst.

· Jeremy Allen Roberts, Jr. – son of Jeremy and Kaitlin Roberts.

· John Lucia – husband of Cassandra (Crittendale Jenkins). Father of Eleanor Campbell.

· John Robertson – father of Leleina Robertson. Owner and CEO of Pearl of the Pacific Fruit Company.

· John Stange – CEO of Global Development Consultants (boss of Jeremy and Kaitlin Roberts and Eleanor Lucia).

· Joseph Summers – Stan Jenkins’ boss. Father of Kyle Brubaker. Vice President, Talent Acquisition.

· Kaitlin Elizabeth (Jenkins) Roberts – wife of Jeremy Roberts. Youngest daughter of Stan & Nora Jenkins. Global Operations Manager.

· Kaitlin Elizabeth Smith – daughter of Kelly and Gideon Smith.

· Kelli Alexandra Roberts- daughter of Jeremy and Kaitlin Roberts.

· Kelly Alexandra (Jenkins Ballister) Smith – wife of Gideon Smith. Daughter of Stan & Nora Jenkins. Nurse Manager.

· Kelly Ballister – aka Ballister. First husband of Kelly Smith. Respiratory therapist.

· Kelly Ballister Jr. – aka KJ – son of Kelly Smith and Kelly Ballister.

· Kyle Brubaker – son of Joseph Summers. Married Bertrana (Goebel).

· Leleina Robertson – daughter of John Robertson. Heir to the Pearl of the Pacific empire. Regional Operations Manager.

· Linda Pruitt – first wife of Stanley Jenkins. Lab Technician.

· Margaret Campbell – aka Maggot. Only daughter of Darcy Campbell. Sister of Henry Campbell. Farmer.

· Martina (Crittendale Jenkins) Davis – daughter of Bob Crittendale & Nora Jenkins. Married to Gary Davis. Attorney.

· Megan Marie Roberts – daughter of Kaitlin and Jeremy Roberts.

· Melinda (Ballister) Smith – daughter of Kelly Smith and Kelly Ballister.

· Nora Marie (Thomas Crittendale) Jenkins – wife of Stan Jenkins. Matriarch of the Jenkins family. Former waitress.

· Robert Aims – temporary CEO for Global Development Consultants.

· Sarah (Smith) Simon – wife of Bert Simon. Sister of Gideon Smith. Waitress.

· Sophia Elena (Sarduci) Miller – wife of Ben Miller. Best friend of Eleanor and Henry Campbell. Travel Agent.

· Stanley Arnold Jenkins – husband to Nora Jenkins. Patriarch of the Jenkins Family. Tank Mechanic, Second Armored Division, Vice President, Research and Development.

· Susan Miller – Mother of Benjamin and Tara Miller.

· Tara Miller – daughter of Susan Miller. Sister of Ben Miller. Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner.

· Tessa (Ballister) Smith – daughter of Kelly Smith and Kelly Ballister.

· Tim Scharnetzki – former fiancé of Nora Jenkins. Salesman.

· Todd Andrews – former boyfriend of Kelly Smith. Physician.

· William Canterbee – former prospective boyfriend of Eleanor Campbell. Front Desk Clerk.